Saturday, January 9, 2021

January 12 Women With Jesus

Newly released Study Notes  01 12 21

In researching Scripture for our Bible study on Women In Scripture, I was absolutely amazed at the relationship Jesus had with women, and how devoted they were to him.  No wonder.  He did not judge, rather, he forgave and encouraged.  I would like to share the following references in which Jesus interacted with a woman, and have us take note of (1) her relationship with Jesus, if any; and (2) What happened afterwards.

The Canaanite Woman (Mt 15:22-28)
Peter's Mother-in-Law (Lu 4:38-39)
Anna  (Lu 2:36-38)
The Woman at the Well  (Jn 4:4-42)
Dorcas (with Peter)     (Ac 9:36-42)
The Woman at the Pharisee's House  Lu 7:36-48
Mary of Magdala     ( Lu 8:1-8; Mk 16:1; Mt 28:1)
Mary, the Mother of Jesus  (Lu 2:51;  Jo 2:2-5)

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